We specialize in material printed before 1800 but also buy and sell interesting works from all periods if we find them exciting or unusual.  We work with a large number of collector and institutions worldwide and value long term relationships,  fair dealing, and most of all, shared passions and friendship.   Some of our stock may be perused online on Abebooks, but we also have considerable inventory that is not listed.   If you have any particular collecting interests, don’t hesitate to drop us a note. We also maintain a sister site at RareBookBuyer.com dedicated to buying books and offering free evaluations of rare books and manuscripts.



Rare Book Buyer - We Buy Old and Rare Books

We Sell Old and Rare Books

We specialize in old and rare books, specifically early printed books before 1800 including incunabula, early Bibles (pre-1800), manuscripts, archives, natural history books, color plate books, books on travel and exploration and much more. We also buy and sell the unusual and the curious- especially things we find intellectually intriguing or have a great story to tell.


We Offer Free Evaluations

Our evaluations are based on years of experience buying and selling rare books and manuscripts to many clients. We rely on common pricing resources such as the American Book Prices Database and other price reference tools. We cannot offer legal appraisals, but we do find people appreciate our assistance and provide comparable actual sales records whenever possible.  There is never a charge for our advice or evaluations.

We Buy Entire Libraries

We travel nationwide to purchase interesting libraries.  It is very helpful  if you can provide quality photos of the books on the shelves as a first step in our evaluation.  For fine individual books and smaller collections, we are also happy to provide you with our  company insured Fedex account for reverse charge (upon request). For collections that do not match our interests or needs,  we always try to provide recommendations of other reputable dealers, auction houses or other venues.

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June 23, 2019

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“What is my old book is worth?” is one of the most frequently asked questions in the rare book world. It is understandable with TV shows showing newly discovered treasures emerging form attics and indeed, while this is not frequently the case, there are a lot of valuable books that lie around unnoticed, get inherited, …